lectures +events

February 13, 5:00pm

“A Life in Haiku: Masaoka Shiki in 1892”

Florida State University


April 20

Lecture in Japanese: “Shiki, for me, Now”


At a symposium organized by the Matsuyama Shiki Society, Matsuyama Dai-ichi Hotel




March 18

“Masaoka Shiki’s New Haiku”

Newhouse Center for the Humanities

Wellesley College

January 24

“A Queer Friendship at the Origins of Modern Japanese Literature: Shiki, Sōseki, Haiku, and the Novel.”

The Annual Grant K. Goodman Distinguished Lecture in Japanese Studies

Kansas University Center for East Asian Studies.

Parlors, Kansas Union, 5:30 pm


February 1

“Aids and Queer Theory in 1990s Japan” ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. University of Southern California

April 7

Sōseki and Dostoevsky, Worlds of the Brothers Karamazov Symposium, Boston University.

April 12

Queer Transmissions: A Haiku Hauntology from Shiki to Sōseki, New York University Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

March 5

Desire, Consent, Truthfulness, and Translation in The Tale of GenjiUniversity of Oslo, Norway


January 10

Sōseki to Shiki: Haiku to hyōi [Soseki and Shiki: A Haiku Hauntology”, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

March 8

An Introduction to The Tale of Genji University of Oslo, Norway.

April 13

Queer Transmissions in Japan: A Haiku Hauntology, Boston University “Lectures in Criticism” series.

April 1

On Mishima Yukio’s Forbidden Colorsan informal reading group discussion at Japan Society of New York in conjunction with the exhibition “A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints.”

August 31

The Rebirth of the Author Panel Chair and Discussant. European Association of Japanese Studies. Lisbon, Portugal.

October 3

“What is this Poem Saying?”  Thoughts on Building and Using a Collaborative Database of Translations of Poems in the Tale of Genji, Teaching with Technology Conference, Boston University.

October 12

Better than Sex? Shiki’s Food Haiku at Haiku as World Literature: A Celebration of the 150th Birthday of Masaoka Shiki,  Boston University.

October 27

Queering Translation with Murasaki Shikibu and Henry JamesKeynote Address for the Japanese Section at the American Translators’ Association Conference, Washington DC.

December 1

Sōseki’s HaikuAnd Then: Sōseki at 150, University of Chicago

December 10

Arufabetto no K [The Letter ‘K’]  International Soseki Centennial Symposium.  Ferris University, Yokohama, Japan. 

October 13

Translating Queer Theory into Japanese Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales. Paris.

June 17

Kuia Seorii to Hon’yaku [Queer Theory and Translation] Tsuda College, Tokyo. , 2016.

June 22

Shiki to Sōseki: Kuia na yūjō, haiku no hontorojii [Shiki and Sōseki: A Queer Friendship, a Haiku Hauntology] Inaugural Lecture of Queer Reading Research Group. Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto.

March 7

Where Haiku Begins: Masaoka Shiki and Social Media. Invited lecture in conjunction with Tawada Yōko’s Najita Lecture, University of Chicago.

April 5

Haiku and the Beginning of ‘Literature’ in Japan. Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA.

November 15

Dōjidaijin toshite no Mishima Yukio to Goa Bidaru [Mishima Yukio and Gore Vidal: Exact Contemporaries, International Mishima Symposium, Tokyo University.

March 18

The Survival of the Author: Ghosts and Nonhuman Actors in Natsume Sōseki and Henry James Middlebury College, VT.

January 9

Nihonbungku wo kuia seorī de yomu: Sōseki wo rei ni [Queer Reading and Japanese Literatur: The Case of Sōseki Keynote Lecture at “Kuia riron to Nihonbungaku [Queer Theory and Japanese Literature.” Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan. Followed by on-stage dialogue with feminist sociologist Ueno Chizuko.